Where do I start?

  • Are you in good health?
  • Are you aged between 18 and 40?
  • Are you able to make regular donations (once or twice a week for 2 - 3 months)?
  • Can you provide a full medical history, including family (children, siblings, parents, grandparents)?

Call us on 0131 242 2464
Please leave your name and contact phone number and we will call you back within 72 hours (Monday to Friday)


Email Edin.Donor@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

Thank you for taking time to consider becoming a sperm donor with the Edinburgh Sperm Bank. Sperm donation is a generous and positive act that can give many couples and women a child of their own. 

There is a shortage of sperm donors in the UK and the supply does not meet the demand. This means thousands of women are not given the chance to have children - but you could help change this.

Donor sperm may be needed either because of fertility problems in the male partner or because there is no male partner. If you decide to become a donor, you will have made the choice to help others in fulfilling their hopes of having a family.

In return, we will compensate you for expenses (fixed at £35 per donation) and you automatically receive health and genetic screening tests.

We aim to develop a diverse sperm bank and look for donors from all nationalities, religions, ethnicities and cultures to meet the demands of people who use our service.  Our sperm bank is used by heterosexual couples and same sex couples.

We strive to deliver an outstanding donor service. We believe it’s important for donors to have a comfortable environment, with a friendly, professional team available to answer any questions or to discuss any concerns.

It couldn't be easier!
FOUR steps to becoming a donor

Initial questionnaire (telephone)

First Appointment - with Andrologist

    Consents and Donor Information Questionnaire
Screening Tests
Semen Analysis and Test Freeze/Thaw

Second Appointment - with Doctor/Consultant

    Medical History
General Health Examination

Approved as a donor!



Unfortunately, due to the requirements of the Human Fertility & Embryology Authority, we are unable to accept the following as sperm donors:
  • Men who have been adopted and don't have access to a full medical history of biological parents and family
  • Men who have been sperm donors elsewhere
  • Men who have had unprotected sex with multiple partners in the last six months
  • Men who have had unprotected sex in areas known to have large numbers of HIV / AIDS cases
  • Intravenous drug users (current or past).